Bridge Kids

Helping Children Know the Love of God

The odds are high that kids will accept Christ during their time in elementary school. What is done with the kids at this stage is life changing.

We have worked hard to create an atmosphere where the kids look forward to being in church each and every week. Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings are set up for kids to learn the same bible story every week and we intentionally create an atmosphere where the kids learn how to apply that to their lives. Whether it is times of worship, working on an activity or playing a game, our BridgeKids will learn to KNOW about God’s love, GROW in their love for Him and SHOW that same love to others!


Our BridgeBabies are a vital ministry of Bridgeway. Why? Because this is the first taste of church that a child gets. While kids can learn valuable lessons at these ages, one of the most important things is to trust and feel loved by the people they are with consistently. Consistency is huge at this stage of their lives.

From ages 2 and up, we have material we use to help kids develop core spiritual traits (ie. God loves me, Jesus loves me, my church loves me, the Bible is God’s Word etc). We have dedicated and committed paid staff and volunteers who provide the consistency and love to help the BridgeBabies KNOW about God’s love, GROW in their love for Him and SHOW that same love to others.

Bridge Kids (1st – 5th grades)

Engaging Kids and Parents

We seek to be a resource for parents and kids in their faith journey, offering opportunities to learn about the love of God and how they can know and love Him.

Fun Fellowship

We offer times of fun fellowships, opportunities to introduce friends to the church, and by celebrating transitions and milestones within families’ lives.

Connect with Us

Bryan “Moose” Tribble

Family Pastor

Emily Willers

Preschool Coordinator

William Wright

Family Minister Resident


Jesus said

“Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God. ” Mark 10:14